6 Feb

Being a student within the age of ‘digital media’ and ‘new media’ seems the norm to me, I have never known anything different. However being a student studying advertising and marketing, it persuades me to question the significance digital media holds within our daily lives.

Thinking of the aspects most youngsters use the internet for on a daily basis and taking into consideration what it would be like without it, makes me think how far the digital age has progressed, not just in its self, but has progressed our lives. In 1997 there was 5.7 million internet users, and in 2009 this had progressed to 35.4 million users, with 18.5 million households having broadband.

Currently in my second year at Bournemouth University, partaking in a unit called Digital Communication Strategies, gives me the perfect opportunity to discuss and question issues raised within the lectures – on this blog.


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